Wednesday, May 28, 2008


...not sure if it's for me. I mean I want to for many reasons but Karma is not working in my best interest. I'm holding off any professional positions so that I may find a position in retail or grocery for a couple of reasons. #1) being that they are shutting down a major freeway I live right off of and use to get into downtown Sacramento or the "mini" silicon valley up on 50. Traffic will be a nightmare! #2) I'm moving, I'm moving closer to my parents about 70 miles away and until we (me and my cousin, I'm waiting on him) are ready to do that, I kind of want something low key and a job that I can transfer when I go. That way, I have a job when we move and then I can look for something else. Well I applied at Target, it's close freeway needed and uh, well it's not Wal-Mart. So I do the whole Kiosk thing (yes, no paper applications anymore!) and I sit there and answer like 60 questions of "if you found a 5 dollar bill on the store floor while you were on duty what would you do" type of questions. It was amazing, I mean come on it's Target!! I hope I don't offend anyone by that but really, I just want to like I... dunno stock shoes, make some money and move and start my life in the town my parents live in.
So they called me for an interview someone named Sonia (I swear she sounded 15 and giggled a lot). It was supposed to be today at 5pm. Ok it's Target, I'm not I throw on the Kenneth Cole shirt with the Calvin Klein tie? (don't you hate when people name drop like that! LOL but hey I'm a bad sloppy messy ghetto gay so it's all I have!) Well I called a couple friends and they all suggested khakis and a nice polo so that's what I did. Uh...I was sitting on a bench outside a small office in the back of the store and a guy comes out of the office and asks if I'm there for an interview. No, I'm looking for cotton balls that's why I'm sitting here on a bench in the area that says Employees Only. I knew I was doomed right there. So I sit and I sit and the guy comes out again and asks my name and says he'll be with me in a moment. Meanwhile he leaves the door to the office/room open and a boy (yes I'm sure he was like 17 or something) starts talking to me about the interview process. Can I just say he was wearing jeans and a button up? Telling me what type of questions they ask and how to answer etc...then...he asks if I ever had an interview before??!!! Um, part of me is like, cute..I look young and the other part of me is like...dude, you have no idea!! I have interviewed with CEO's and partners of consulting firms! It was so surreal! In any case, they lost my application and their "system" had no record of me at all. Even though Sonia called me for an uh yeah, I need to reapply. *sigh* We shall see. ;) peace

Monday, May 26, 2008

George W. Bush is an idiot...

...and I can say that. I can say, hey...I think the president of the U.S. is a joke and a moron...I can say that. I can disagree with our political leaders, the Senate the Congress all of it...I can say our government is a joke! Now do I really believe all that? Well...definitely the George Bush part! ;) The point I want to make on Memorial Day is that no matter how you feel about the President or any facet of our can express it. You can say you disagree and no one is going to come to your house and arrest you. Nobody will put you in jail for not agreeing with the government and nobody will execute you for not adhering to the rules set forth by the government. I think as Americans we forget how free we really are, I mean think about can be or do or say...anything you want. Hell YOU can be the next President of the United States. How many countries in the world have the same liberties? How many people have been jailed or executed by their own leaders and governments because they didn't agree, because they expressed an opinion? So I just want to take a moment and say whether you are a Republican or a Democrat or a Libertarian, you get to choose and you have options. Whether you like Bush or not, whether you are for the war, against it, don't care...whatever. You have that choice, you have that freedom and so many people don't. So hopefully on Memorial Day Republicans, Democrats, anti-war, pro-war, gay, straight, black, white, old, young, redneck, yuppies, liberal, conservative etc...hopefully for at least one day...for one moment...we can forget all that and pay respect to those who fought, lost their lives, retired or are still active right now in the us the freedom to BE all of the genres I mentioned above. Like it not or not people and bitch all you want about whatever, if it weren't for the soldiers of the United States going back to then and wouldn't have that complain, or yourself. ;) peace

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today's Weather...

...was a bit chilly...sunny but windy. Great day to get out of the house and take a walk which is exactly what I did. I went for a walk with a friend up and down the Sacramento river. It was great to be out of the house, I feel like I've been holed up in my room for days. Still job searching and looking forward to moving closer to my parents. I'm really hoping to get something close by (workwise until I move) because they will be shutting down I-5 coming the direction of where I live. So to commute would suck big time! I mean they are literally closing it down. So if you live in the Sacramento area, life is going to be hell the next 90 days starting on 5/30. There will be only 5 days when all lanes are open in the month of June! has more info.
Other than that nothing going on, which is a good thing. The wind is dying down a bit now, starting to get chilly. Wouldn't it be nice to snuggle up with one of these guys now? A lot of nice younger guy smooth pics on the web but what about a nice looking guy with a bit of fur on him? Keep ya warm on a chilly day! ;)peace

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who throws an Octopus?

Well Detroit Red Wings fans do of course!! How very odd, but still, a tradition I respect and hope keeps going...and for the record...I don't believe they are alive at the time. Here is a clip from the Detroit News which gives further insight into this bizarre tradition.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Gay Men Suck!

yeah yeah (insert jokes here) no really, ever been to Craigslist ? Have you checked out the M4M? It's all porn! All about sex hook ups and people showing their junk and their booties! I mean come on! Ok, ok, yes I've known it was like this for years and I never really thought about it. Well this past weekend, my cousin wanted to meet someone and I thought...why not CL? So I went and posted an ad for him in the straight section M4W (yes take my gay card now) and I was surprised at how the ads differed from ours! I mean, the W4M were so sweet and nice and the M4W were really genuine too! You can tell these people want relationships, not hook ups and quick anonymous BJ's, they really are looking for "the one". Ok so a very small percentage of the ads were geared a bit towards intimate situations, but a very small percentage and they sure as hell weren't as graphic as some of the ones I read in M4M. So after doing this for my cousin this weekend I started to think about society's perception of gay people, and how maybe they are a bit justified. If I was a straight person who went and read M4M on CL and then read the straight ads, I definitely would think gay men are just all about sex. I have a straight female friend who I'm chatting with online right now and we are looking at the M4W ads and she's like go to the M4M ads, and I was like...uh no, it's all porn and smut. How sad, I can't look for a potential partner on line with my friend and compare ads and giggle and talk about how cool he is, or how smart he sounds etc, because all my ads in my community listing show dick pics and graphic language. How sad. I mean I'm not a prude or anything but it just looks really bad for us and I feel bad for the straight guys who are looking for motorcycle buds or golfing buddies (I placed a golf ad once, oh lawd...the responses I got had nothing to do with golf!). It's a shame actually.
;) peace

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This video made me cry...

...because I have a U kind of reminds me of the Holocaust, well not that serious but...well I have a number too. It wasn't tattooed on me but I do have one. This video is about natives who were put on the rez, my rez.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm a dinosaur and Madonna still rocks...

So it's been a minute since I last blogged and I apologize for that. Well this past Tuesday was my last day at Intel and now I feel kind of lost. It's their corporate culture and the way the position operated and it just kind of becomes a part of your everyday I'm like going through withdrawals. :) The good kind though! So I've been down in Manteca visiting my parents and just relaxing and looking at houses down there with my cousin. Knowing that I'm moving in like 6 weeks I don't want to take on anything permanent or even anything where I have to work in an office. It was a lonely year at Intel, if you're a regular reader you know that my job was quite lonely because the team members I worked with were scattered globally so it was email and IM for me as far as interaction with people. Although I did get to see my manager every other week for 1:1, when she wasn't traveling that is.

Well now, I want to work with people and the public so I decided to get something maybe in retail or grocery. Just something so I have some money coming in and to keep busy while we look for a place and I can pack. Now it's been 20 years since I've done anything in the retail/blue collar world (except for my stint as a waiter two summers ago and that almost kicked my ass!)lol. So this morning I get up and put on a nice polo shirt and some dockers grab some printed resumes I had lying around and head to the local retail center down the street. I go into Wal-Mart first and...I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I don't know why but I just did not want to apply there. So I walk next door to PetSmart and thought..yeah, I like animals and this would be fun. I walk up to a young man who has a badge that says Team Lead under his name and I ask if they are accepting applications. He said yes and that I can go apply online. Online? Hmmm...okaaay. So I thanked him and walked next door to Staples, hey I know software and I definitely know office supplies since I've been sitting in some sort of office for the past 2 decades, I could do this! When I walked in this time there was a cute perky blonde female who asked me if she could help me find something. She couldn't have been more than 17 if not 16, what is the limit these days on kids working? In any case I asked for an application and she just kind of gave me this blank look and hesitated for a few seconds "um do you mean like a book of applications for your own business? Like a restaurant or something?" "No, as in I want to work here and I'm curious if you have an application I could fill out?"
"ooooohh, you have to apply online, and click the careers link"
Okay, I thanked her and thought well...weird, no one has applications anymore? Couldn't be! Well after Borders, Kohls, Raleys (they actually had an online Kiosk in the store) Bed Bath and Beyond and Safeway all told me the same thing, I gave up and came home and slipped into shorts and a wifebeater and began applying at all the stores above. It is so hot outside I wish I had known that the blue collar world has caught up with the white collar world and everything is done online now! Does that sound elitist? Wasn't meant to be, so here I am applying like crazy wondering if anyone will actually call me since I have no experience in any of the store categories mentioned above. I shall keep you posted and in the meantime check out this video I saw over at Boy Cultures gotta love Madonna and watching this video brought back a lot of memories from the past two decades. It kind of was ironic when I was feeling a bit out of place and like a relic, I see this video only to confirm it. LOL
peace ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's all about the Eyes

Does anybody else like Adam Brody? I'm not sure if I do...I'm watching In the Land of Women and he's in it. So is Meg Ryan which is why I started watching it, he's cute...but it's unnerving me because I can't decide if he is like leading man cute or nerdy boy cute. I know, I know, why can't he just be cute and leave it be? Well that would be to simple and goes against the very grain of how my brain works. :) So to distract myself from this growing dilemma and before I lose my concentration of the story line...I need a quick distraction. Enjoy. ;) peace

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Does that need a hyphen or something? Re-post?? In any case, I really only do a repost when someone asks for it. I guess one of my readers found this particular post funny...heh heh I did too when I reread it. Now mind you, Aim is my friend and was also my roomie and she was going through a difficult point in her life at the time. Um, I was just kind of being me and being honest. So uh, here is an IM covo we had a couple years ago. ;) peace

Sometimes I'm to real... this Sat. nite bad??

Saturday Night Conversation
Aim : I feel so much on my shoulders right now - possibly not having a job, bills, men, feeling of no direction

Leonard : that's called life sweetie. Job, if you lose it, you find another one and no bitching about a paycut, just be lucky you can find one. Bills, you will have them the rest of your's the American way, especially if you keep buying yourself "i'm losing my job so I need..." clothing. Boys suck, throw rocks at them. No direction, in time you'll find what it is your supposed to be or do just go with the flow.

Aim : I hate it when you dont show up for my pity party

Leonard : please, wait until you catch your first cold of the season...

Aim : eww - that's not even close to being true

Leonard : sorry, I'm looking at famous nude celebrities right now...I have my priorities.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random thought and Bel Air

So I'm driving to the grocery store and I'm in the parking lot and I noticed something about parking. I mean I kind of noticed it before but I really noticed it today, um, I have trouble turning right into parking space, I have to always 3 point turn it. Isn't that odd? I just can't seem to get in on one try without having to backup because I'm ready to take the back bumper out of the car to my left! Does this happen to anyone else? If so, why is it that I can just whip into a parking spot when I have to turn left into it?? Please someone tell me!! It's driving me crazy!
On the other hand, I love Bel Air...well I love my Bel Air. That's the grocery store I was going to tonight (when I couldn't seem to park to the RIGHT!), it's like a two blocks from my house (yes I know I can walk and I often do, but I need to fill up my car also at the gas station). Every time I go in everyone is so friendly and I know most places are supposed to be like but they really are! From the cute bag boys to the hot produce guy to the handsome store manager...oh wait, um yeah there are some very nice females that work there also. ;-) I always feel like I should go save a puppy or I dunno, whistle and skip to my car when I leave there AND to top it off, they just got Redbox!! I am so excited! I like Redbox 'cause of course it's cheap but I always had them longer than I needed 'cause I was to lazy to drive back to the Raley's Redbox like 5 miles away. Um, if you regularly read this blog, I am LAZY...not like I don't feel like mowing the lawn lazy, but I will watch the tv even if it's someting I'm not much interested in for like 2 hours before I finally get up and get the remote...which is on the other couch...4 feet away but out of reach of my hands...and feet. That kind of lazy...:)
;) peace