Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life not so Wonderful...

...but men still are! :) Still job searching and found out I won't get my unemployment because I found a job two weeks ago that only lasted three days. The person I replaced decided she didn't like her new position and came into the her old one, where I was. Oh well, I'm resilient and my life is Wonderful...blessed with friends and family if I need a place to stay. Life is what you make it, and mine is good. So, on that note, please enjoy these sexy ass men! ;) peace

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's all about the Eyes...

...been awhile since I've posted pretty eyes. I totally start every "It's all about the Eyes" post the SAME way! LOL, I need to update more Eyes posts. Enjoy and look for the Blue Moon on New Year's Eve! ;) peace

Hot and spicy Top Ramen, vienna sausages, hot and spicy pork rinds,pepper jack cheese stick and orange juice. YUMMY LUNCH!

Hot Quarterbacks of the NFL

So every football season after watching game after game I begin to develop a Quarterback fetish, okay not a fetish but...obsession? :) Playoffs are about to start so the season is getting intense and the QB's are becoming a lot more hotter to me! So here are some hot QB's and of course my gorgeous Kurt Warner of the Cardinals.

We will start with Drew Stanton of the Detroit Lions, he sucked yesterday against the 49'ers but he is hot!

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.
When he is on, he is on, so I'm a bit concerned when we (the Cardinals) go up against him but I have faith in Kurt!! Nice legs.

Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens
I think he has very nice legs!!

Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings
Hello, can we say hot QB Daddy!!??

Of course, Brady Quinn of the Cleveland Browns.
I think he is to much into himself, into his fame...not his game! 4-11 this year, ouch.

And now my NFL husband, Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals!!
Now that's a man right there!!

Enjoy! ;) peace

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adorkable of the year!

Please click my link to the right, Shirtless Men and vote for the Adorkable of the year! If you're THAT lazy, here is a link for you I voted for Preston, I am positive I posted him in my iPhone series but I can't find him in any of my old posts but I've seen that pic before and thought it was hot at the time! Enjoy! ;) peace

iPhone Men...

...dang, forgot I had these still...need to clear space on my drive. Enjoy! ;) peace