Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beautiful - 2011

Was a good year, it had some ups and downs, but I managed. I started the year off homeless living in a motel, but then thanks to the universe, I got this great gig renting a room in the suburbs. I also started the year off as a great student, but finishing it off as a lazy one. I'm going to work on that in the new year. I graduate in 2012! Wow. I lost my war pony (car) this year also, that car had been with me since I was a student in South Dakota. I miss him. When I felt people weren't there for me, he was. Yes I know it's a car, but when you're down and out, you appreciate what you have.

Twitter was a big thing this past year also. I have met some great people on Twit, and people not so great. As in RL, it happens. I handled my own though. There will be some changes to my Twitfam though, tired of the drama. My blog fam, you are the best. :)

New Year's resolutions? I want to put on 10lbs, and get back to being a better student. I'm very blessed to be in the situation I'm in, I shouldn't be taking advantage of this opportunity, which sometimes I feel I am.

All in all, it was a good year. I hope you all have the best NYE and the best New Year, you are all Beautiful. ;) peace

Thursday, December 29, 2011

iPhone Men

So today was a chill day, I didn't study, I'm trying to enjoy my time off from school. I've also decided that technically I have until July to get my MS Certs, and me being me, I'll take them in July. I have two papers due soon, and I'll start them next week. It's all about Christmas break, right?

My muse for tonight's post is my nephew, he got an iPhone and doesn't know how to use it. He also has a laptop that is broken and I need to fix, again. I told him he doesn't need a laptop, he's got an iPhone, right?

In any case, enjoy! ;) peace

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Been awhile since I've done a chest post. I'm enjoying my school break, I have a lot of studying to do and two papers coming up, but naw...I spend my day watching TV shows I've never seen, and reading at Barnes & Noble! Ha, so irresponsible, I know. However, I feel confident that I'll do good in my studies.

I talked to Hottie today, of course he wanted something, this time it was tech support on his laptop. He totally freaks out when it comes to computers, haha and he usually calls me when he has a problem. He actually didn't annoy me today, and he only said one loser thing, so not a bad convo.

I've discovered The Big Bang Theory, lol, I know it's been around for awhile, but I am addicted to this show! Finished Season 1 today, starting Season 2 tonight!

Alright, off to watch my new fave show, hope you all had a great Holiday. Just one more left, and then I can feel the world is normal again! Just don't like this time of year, always feel lost. ;) peace

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Songs of Sunday - Merry Christmas

Wham! Last Christmas. This is the best holiday song ever, I know it's a cover, but I think it's one of the best ones. I hope you all are having a great Christmas! I'm kind of self isolating myself this year, going to take myself to the movies and just enjoy a day off from reality. ;) peace

Saturday, December 24, 2011

30 (ish) Seconds of Bliss

Been awhile since I did a 30 Seconds of Bliss post. I have no blogging organizational skills. LOL

Israeli Rugby Players. ;) peace

Trans Siberian Orchestra

I post this every couple of years, there are a lot other videos that have done the same thing to the same song, but I believe this is the original. Amazing lighting effects! Christmas lights, Wizards of Winter by Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Famous People - Steve Jones

I didn't watch it, but I did notice this was the host of the X-Factor. He used to be a model, well duh, Steve Jones is his name. Hot! Plus he's from Wales and has that accent going on.

I got some studying done today, but still need to really hit the books. I think next week me and the guys are going to have some study sessions. No plans for the Holidays, will prob take myself to the movies for the whole day. Hope you all have a great weekend, I just want it to be over. ;) peace

Thursday, December 22, 2011

BW Pics

So today was hazy, kinda foggy, seems like the weather couldn't make up its mind. All is good here, still studying, still optimistic, and still getting it done. :) Not going to do anything for Christmas, probably just go to the movies all day. This used to be my fave time of year, but lately not so much. Hope you ALL have a great Holiday though. *hugz* ;) peace

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Songs of Sunday -The Cataracs

Finally getting this song up. Today was a good day, didn't study though. Today's muse is the hot guy who asked me out, but I said no to. I gotta focus on school, 7 more months! These guys are hot. The Cataracs - Club Love. ;) peace

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kathy Griffin Responds To Being Called A Bully By Sarah Palin

I love Kathy Griffin, I got to see her live here in Sacto. Hilarious!! I'm lucky to have not been bullied, well not anything I didn't handle, so I feel for those who have been or currently getting bullied. Sometimes I post stuff like this so people will think about what they say. This is a little funnier than what I normally post. Haha. ;) peace

Friday, December 16, 2011


Today was a weird day, well not weird but random. First, I'm at Safeway getting gas, and this hottie walks in front of my car and we kinda check each other out. Then as I'm leaving the Safeway parking lot, we are at stop signs (yes this is Cali, we got stop signs in our strip malls) and we both like, just stare at each other, and I admit I got butterflies. LOL Anyways, so he turns left and I turn right, and head to Barnes and Noble. Well, guess who parks in the next row in front of me, seconds after I get there? Yup, the same dude! *sigh* no, nothing happened, I didn't talk to him or anything, but I do wonder if he followed me 'cause he parked on the B&N side of the strip mall, yet walked to the Target side, which has it's own parking lot.

Tonight a cute lil girl was running around the store saying "Hi You" to people, and they all said "hi" back. Except for one older lady who said "I don't know you". I almost called her a b*tch, I wanted to. People can be mean.

I was reading at B&N and a guy sat down across from me and proceeded to Skype, in Spanish, and then had the nerve to shoot me dirty looks when I got a text message. After the 3rd time I got a text I said "what?" and he got up and left. Yeah. Prolly for the best.

And finally, I think I figured out how to drive my bro's car where it doesn't do that glitchy thing on me, and be an 8 second car, okay maybe 10, but it's fast if you drive it right. Haha!

Tonight's muse, the guy who shared a look with me, he was hot. Class in the
morning. ;) peace

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tonight's class was a lot of fun. We are supposed to study for our MS Certs, but we rarely do. First we study a program called Self Test that my school makes us pass with a 95 or better, and THEN we take the actual Microsoft exam for our certification. Right now I'm studying for my Active Directory cert, there will be a total of 3 we need to take before we graduate. After that we are sys admins (System Administrators,well on paper, but in RL we will need experience) and Microsoft Certified IT Professionals or MCITPs. :)

Well tonight, we pretty much just joked around and talked about geeky, nerdy thing, which tech guys do. I just enjoy hanging with them and just being me. No labels, no pretense, just a nerd, haha, and a ditzy one at that. OMG how I made it this far in life is beyond me. I keep the guys rolling, because I guess I say the most odd, ditziest things sometimes, LOL. Although tonight, it wasn't just me, me and a friend were helping our buddy with a problem, so I took control of his computer to solve the issue and he blurted out "OMG, you can drag and drop? All this time I've been using those stupid arrows!" LOL (had to be there) in any case, I looked at my friend and said "and you call me the ditzy one" to which he replied "oh you are, most definitely", lol. Oh well, I have my moments, but I hold my own with them all when it comes to the tech stuff. :)

No muse tonight for the posting, just been awhile since I did a tats post. Enjoy! ;) peace


Enjoy! ;) peace

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I went old school tonight, Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus. When this song came out, wow I was in love with it, plus all the remixes! And the members of DM are hot.

Didn't get any studying done today, but I'll go into beast mode tomorrow! Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus from LadyEvil2 on Vimeo.

YouTube Hotness -Cazwell SNOG

Remember Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck video <--- Well it seems he is now doing commercials for SNOG, which is a frozen yogurt shop in the UK. I love these guys! Hotness! ;) peace

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's all about the Eyes.

Didn't do much today school wise! Just one assignment AND on top of that I found 4 more which are due by next week, so it went from 8 to 6 to 5 to 9! haha!

On the other hand this guy was trying to get me to take a test drive in a Toyota for a $10 gift card, his eyes were ASTOUNDING! I'm not even sure I heard half of what he said. They were yellow in the middle, surrounded by green and then a brilliant light blue on the outside. I was in a daze! :p Hmmm, no wonder I get no studying done, I'm easily distracted! haha!

Well, class in the morning, enjoy your weekend! ;) peace

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So today was a good day. I got MOST of my studying done, I arrived early on campus and got "the look" from a really cute guy, and Hot Tech Teach looked especially hot tonight. When he stands in front of the projector his eyes glitter and look almost purple, they are hazel, but I think he knows that. So this class is pretty much just a study class, we just study for our MS Certs, only thing is we joke so much, not much studying goes on. Was a fun class. :)

The next 6 weeks are going to be grueling for me, so I may not blog much (not like I do a lot, but ya know) and I may not Tweet much, I have to focus. The next 6 weeks are the WHOLE reason I signed up for this degree. I gotta be on it.

I talked to Hottie tonight at school, and saw Twinky. I felt kind of melancholy about my first year, it was so much to deal with, and they were a part of that. In any case, I gotta keep moving forward, which I will do. Tonight's muse is the cute guy who gave me a nod, and the hot guy who kept staring at me while on his phone. Haha. ;) peace

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Songs of Sunday

M83 Midnight City. Yes I know it's SONGS of Sunday, and I usually just post one song, but this leaves me the option to post more if I wanted. LOL :) Today's selection came to me from a follower on Twitter, and my blog, via Twit today. I really liked the music. This is their official video, or you can check out my buddy's blog and see them perform live. They are hotties. :)

New term starts tomorrow, again. LOL I'm prepared for it though. Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Update

Next week we start a new term at school, the most important one of my academic career, well so far anyways. We will be studying for our Microsoft Certifications to become MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professionals) so we can become System Administrators. I was really nervous about my A+ Cert, but this is a whole different ball game! I'm not too worried though, not yet.

It's been nice having a car again, especially since it's getting cold out, it's nice to not have to walk. The car has issues though, haha, it's crazy! Basically at times I have to pop the clutch, while turning the ignition off and on, WHILE it's running, try that at 70mph! LOL, and my brother said he didn't drive rez cars, whatever. It has a full warranty though, I just need to find time to take it to the dealer, my bro lives in the middle of nowhere, so he never had a chance to take it in and get it looked at. Will try and do that next week.

On the trip back to OR with my brother and his family he told me something that made me feel really good. I guess my school sent my parents a letter notifying them I made the Dean's List. My mom told me about it, and I didn't think much of it. Well I guess when my brother was there, my dad pulled the letter out and showed him. Then when my uncle and auntie stopped by, he pulled the letter out and showed them too. My bro said he was really proud, and my dad was glad my brother was going to lend me his car because I made it this far in school, and I need to finish. That made me feel really good he kept the letter and is proud of me. My parents don't always understand when I try and explain what I'm going to school for, but at least they know I'm doing good in it. Annnd let's segue into why I'm not doing THAT great, lol!

On Monday I went to my Environmental Science class and was told we had a midterm. What? I had NO idea! I don't really care for the teacher, he HOLLERS his lecture, he doesn't follow the book, and basically I don't pay attention, which is probably why I didn't know we had a midterm. I hadn't done any of the homework, 'cause I figured I'd do it the last week of class, like I did in my Ethics class, well except I did it in halves, first half of term I did 1-7, end of term I did 8-15 (chapters). It was easy, not a problem, and thought I'd do the same here. Um, yeah...not so much. Not only did I have to leave the class because I wasn't prepared for the midterm (voluntarily of course) but when I went to do the homework so I could STUDY for my rescheduled midterm, it was more difficult than I thought! I soooo dropped the ball and took this class for granted! So I had to do some heavy cramming, and even today I wasn't comfortable taking it (rescheduled for today), so I rescheduled it (again) for tomorrow, when it HAS to be done. My friend is in the same boat, so I'll be taking it with him, and I also don't feel like such a dork either. Haha, so yeah...epic #fail (twitter speak) at being a student.

So that's what has been going on with me, nothing changes much, it's all about school. I chatted with Hottie tonight for a bit at school, been awhile since we spoke, he didn't TOTALLY annoy me. :) Matt is still there, he dropped when he started 2nd year with me, so I'm glad he made it through this term. Twinky came back and he also completed this term, still 1st year though, but at least he's doing it. SJ dropped for good, but supposedly may start at another school in January. I haven't seen Pierced, or Texas in forever so I don't think they are still in school. I know NONE of this made sense, but these are guys who started when I did, and who were big parts of my first year in school. My older followers will remember them.

Okay, going to post some hot guys now, because it just feels right! :p Happy December everyone, and so far my Holiday funk has been held at bay. ;) peace