Sunday, July 31, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I like this song, it's different. Being different is a good thing! Tomorrow begins a new term at school, and I'm looking forward to it! My roomie starts his new job, so I can use the AC while he's gone and watch movies on the flat screen. Life is good! Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Foster the People-Pumped up Kicks. AND they're hot! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


My roomie got a job! So this means I get to us the AC, I can watch TV, have the place to myself, walk around buckid nekkid, and use the AC. Beautiful! I also finished my final today in a class where I can NOT stand the teacher, and got an A. Well, we all did 'cause he just stressed us out for days preparing for it, and he didn't even grade our finals, we all got A's. Kinda dislike him even more. So that was bitter sweet.

Also found out that Eyre didn't get the diagnosis she was afraid of getting, Beautiful! They're still not sure what is wrong with my friend, but I'm thinking positive thoughts, and I know she'll be fine.

Last, but not least, today was just a chill day. I finished my last class, I've got a few case studies to do, but I have until Friday to do them, and I'm starting a new term on Tuesday. My new teacher is hot! You may not think he's hot, but I've liked him since the first time I saw him on campus. HTT is hot, but this teach brings more to the table. I also will have Ethics next term. My tech classes make me think, but they're more intuitive, Ethics will actually make me think and study.

Great day to end my term. Looking forward to the next one! ;) peace

Friday, July 29, 2011

Turn Around

Finals were this week, and I have my last one tomorrow morning. It's a group project, so your grade is dependent on your group. Great. I have my part down, but I also went and completed the whole project by myself just to see if I could, and also to step in if someone needs help.

So today's blog muse is about a guy at school who I think likes me, but I never really thought about him like that. I mean, I have, but wasn't sure if he was gay or not, or if he even liked me. I'm still not sure, but he does flirt, so today we had some really good banter, and as I walked away I felt I should have turned around to see if he was looking, but I didn't. When I think about him it's always one of those "right under your nose moments", heck I don't even tweet about him. So I will see where this goes and maybe be more aggressive in my flirting? Maybe? I dunno. He's hella sweet though. Sweet is good. Hope you all have a great weekend! ;) peace

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


No real muse for tonight's post, I just haven't posted tats in awhile. School is good finals this week, so I'm preparing for those. Also, it's birthday month for Leos, so that gets a woot woot! I'm kind of going through this phase where I miss the beginning of school last year. I miss Hottie, and SJ, and Jessica, and that annoying ghetto chick, and Dan, and just that "new" feeling. 2nd year has been tough, but I think I'm doing okay so far. Been a reflective term for me. Not used to NOT being at school everyday and NOT having so much homework. I'm not complaining it's just a different feeling. I have some friends starting their 2nd year next week (new term) so I'm looking forward to that. Hope every one had a great hump day! ;) peace

Monday, July 25, 2011

BW Pics

So I have a final Saturday in the class where I can't stand the teacher. Here's his spiel "your final isn't going to be on anything in the book, but what I've taught you hands on". Okay, so what did I do all the quizzes and case projects in the book for? "Hmm...should I be an ass and break the virtual machines before I give them to you? Yeah, I think I will". Really? Your hands on wasn't that informative, and now I have to work harder to fix the VM's BEFORE I do what you barely taught us, you're a prince. "Oh, and this will be a group project so your grade is dependent on your team". So, none of us know what the heck you are talking about, and now my final grade is based on people who are just as ignorant as I am? I'm liking you more each minute, ass!

Those were my thoughts from Saturday morning class. Here is my thing, I'm at school to be taught, challenge me yeah, but teach me first. Don't throw me in the water and yell "swim". I like things in Black and White, tell me what you want, show me how to do it, and I will give it back to you! ugh! ;) peace

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I don't normally like powwow songs in English, but if I had to choose this is one of my favs.

Matt dropped out of school. :( I miss him. Still not liking my Networking teacher and this week is my last week of this term. I'm happy about that, now maybe I'll learn something. Was such a waste of time. Oh well, I have homework to catch up on this week, and still look for work.

Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iPhone Men

So tonight in class, me and the guys did speed tests on our phones. Yeah, I finally gave in and got an Android phone, HTC EVO 4G Shift. I whupped their ass! Not sure if it's my phone or Sprint's 4G? Killed it though. I know, nerd blog post. One dude came up and said he wanted to try, he had an iPhone. We laughed and sent him on his way. :) ha! Enjoy! ;) peace

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I got a new phone today! It's an Android phone yeah, put the BlackBerry to rest. I miss it though, but I'm still figuring out this phone. Touch screens are kinda weird.
I know this song is so main stream and I rarely do that, but I like it, so here ya go! Hope everyone has a good week! ;) peace

Nicki Minaj, Super Bass

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So today in class I Promoted my DC server, created a user in active directory, connected an XP machine to my domain, created 3 OU's and assigned GPO's for each. Yup! I learned something! Finally! We only have two more weeks of this class though, and I'm just now getting into it, and it's just now getting interesting! Such a tease! ugh! Anyways, I have a lot of homework to catch up on in the next couple days. I'm on it, I'll handle it, I always do. ;) peace

Friday, July 15, 2011


What a day! Was unfollowed on Twitter, didn't follow back and was called an A-hole. Wow. Despite that, I got a lot of homework done today at school. Have class tomorrow morning. Almost caught up with that class, almost. :)
Today it's legs 'cause while at school this dude, who had a hot pair of legs, and said he liked my shirt. So, that's my muse. Hope everyone has a great weekend! ;) peace

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Had a great day.

Went down to my parent's and ate so much I was kinda sick! Spent time with my niece, and went and saw Fast Five. It was okay, but I dunno, I think they did TOO much. Didn't do any school work today, so tomorrow I gotta settle down and catch up. I'm not far behind, but I'm not totally where I'm supposed to be! Hope everyone else had a great day, if not, well this to the world! haha! ;) peace

Monday, July 11, 2011

BW Pics

Well, more a video, but I don't think you will mind! :) I may or may not have posted this, I'm cleaning out my favorites on YT! I doubt anyone will complain if it's a repeat! Ha! Enjoy! ;) peace

Armani Campaign - Housekeeping ft Cristiano Ronaldo

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Songs of Sunday

JJ did this same video with Adam Lambert's Fever, which I loved! This time he uses a different song, but I think it still is a hot video!

Euroboy by Pet Shop Boys. Enjoy! ;) peace

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Talked to my cuz today, we're actually swapping out vehicles as opposed to her taking the van back. Was so relieved, so school is still on, and so is the job search! whew! Plus it's a Corolla, so it will save me on gas, the van was killing me!

This man completes 3 of my regular posted categories! So hot! ;) peace

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BW Pics

Saw Hottie today at school, was totally trying to avoid him! Was peeking around the corner to see if his car was still there, and he came up behind me and said hi! Jeeeeez! The convo was short and painless though. He had shorts on, cankles. And enough about that.

BW Pics, 'cause it's what I feel like. Enjoy! ;) peace


I haven't blogged in awhile 'cause nothing was really happening. I mean, not like important stuff. 4th of July was great, did the block party thing again this year, and once again wasn't allowed to use the fire hose to clean the street! Remember? That one year when it put me on my butt! LOL Um, 2nd year in school is going okay, I have issues with my instructors, but ya know I've addressed those with them. My cousin needs to take the van back, so not sure what is up with that. If she does I'll have to drop, but I'm prepared to get a job within walking distance, and get a car, and start 2nd year again in October.

I'm really not stressing 'cause it will all work out, it always does. So, new crush, quiet shy guy in my tech classes with hot legs! HTT picks on him (and rarely me anymore), so okay with that! Not sure his orientation, but would like to be his friend. We shall see. Until then, enjoy the Hotness! ;) peace

Friday, July 1, 2011

iPhone Men

Had a convo with a friend about his iPhone and my Blackberry. Yeah, his has some neat tricks, but my BB is a workhorse and does what I want, how I want it! No swiping, or tapping. Just does! pfft! ;) peace