Saturday, November 26, 2011


Been awhile since I did a Hodgepodge post. For new followers it's basically a mix of guys who don't quite fit into the other categories of hot men I post. It also is a post of different things going on with me that don't really pertain to any certain topic. Or just a bunch of different ones. :)

For instance, I am starving right now!! I'm waiting for my brother to come pick me up so we can eat and then head to Oregon where I'll spend the night and drive his spare car back tomorrow, so that I can use it and finish school.

I have finals next week, so taking today and tomorrow to travel is not something I am happy with. I'm caught up on most of my homework though, except I do have a research paper due Monday, but I'll write it Monday afternoon. I've done all my papers on the day they were due, I'm a boss like that.

I have an obsession with crock pot cooking! Ima buy a crock pot when I get back tomorrow from OR. No idea where this new fixation came from, but it's here and I must try it!

I haven't driven a vehicle in over 3 months, much less a stick. Driving back from Oregon should be interesting, haha! :p

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll try and post pics from OR tonight. ;) peace

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