Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BW Pics

I joined a gym! Haha, I have yet to go, but it's only been a day. :) I've been using the gym we have here on site in the condo complex, but it has no free weights, or leg machines. So I joined a cheap gym close by where I can go and work out the body parts that I can't here at the condo gym. The bad part is I lost my work out buddy because he didn't join the gym with me. He's still going to use the condo gym though, but on my days where I don't work out. I will go to the gym tonight, because they are having a raffle and giving a TV away at 7pm. No, I won't be working out. Haha, I gotta get some studying done.

I WAS going to go to the gym this morning, but it was cold, and foggy. Ya know that foggy, where everything is wet and dripping? Yeah, that kind of fog, it was dark and gloomy, and I don't do dark and gloomy. The fog has since went away, as did my desire to go to the gym. Haha! Hope you are all having a great week! ;) peace

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Songs of Sunday

LOL. I was watching The Simpsons and they did this song on the episode, so I figured why not be my Songs of Sunday? All Night Long - Lionel Richie. Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I Learned in Class Today.

LOL, seriously, Hot Tech Teach showed us this video in class. Haha, the narrator's voice sounds kinda sexy. Nooo, I won't try this, I don't need to. Although I'm sure #OOMF may try it next time he's studying sugars. :p
;) peace

Friday, January 27, 2012

iPhone Men

Was a very productive day. The guys came over and we went and did our work out, then I made a bunch of food that's really bad for us (leftover pizza, ramen, eggs and chili beans, mac and cheese) and we pigged out watching last night's The Big Bang Theory. You know, the one where Raj falls in love with Siri on his iPhone, lol. Then we studied for our new MS Exchange Server class, which I'm really stoked to be learning. I've been looking forward to this class since school started!

Just going to watch a movie on the lappy tonight, then class in the morning. I'm really impressed with HTT, he put the curriculum for this class together quite well. Hope everyone is doing great! ;) peace

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So it's been my 3rd week working out, I'm liking it, and I even went when my friend didn't show up. So that's a good thing. Don't really have a muse for tonight's posting, other than I hope I get a bod like these guys! ;) peace

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

YouTube Hotness

LOL! Air Force Cadets do a spin on LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I know it". It was done for Spirit Week when they went up against the Army. Good job, and the cutey in the glasses, I'm in love!! ;) peace

Things that make me Laugh

This violinist was interrupted by the famous Nokia ringtone. He replies back by mimicking the ringtone with his violin, and he did quite well! Haha! Was an appropriate and classy response. ;) peace

Monday, January 23, 2012


Been awhile since I've done a legs post! My muse is the fact I'm wearing shorts, and I was thinking of going to go get my haircut in them, even though it's 40 degrees outside. Haaha! Summer will be here soon, and then legs galore! Happy Monday!
;) peace

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Songs of Sunday

Don't Stop - Foster The People. I love this song, but more importantly these guys are hot!! Oh that chick from Precious is in it, too. Quite funny.

Took a break from studying, and I'm watching the 49'er game. I hope they win, my brother is actually at Candlestick in SF! He paid $400 for his ticket! Wow. I hope they win!

Have a great week! ;) peace

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Car Talk

In doing my research on hybrid cars for my paper, I came across this hybrid luxury sports car, the Fisker Karma. I want one! It still doesn't beat out my dream car the Bugatti Veyron, which is the exact opposite of this car when it comes to the environment, but it'll do. Finally finished my paper, now it's all about studying for my certs. Major study time starts tomorrow!

Some other vids I found while searching for a Fisker Karma video. I've always liked the Supra! I think Toyota is bringing it back in a couple years though. Um that Enzo is playing with them, and notice how the Subaru was trying to be up in the mix? lol If it's a WRX than maybe, which I think it was.

I want his job. Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1

;) peace

Friday, January 20, 2012

Things that Disturb Me.

The song is catchy, but the video is freaky! Especially the heavy girl with the blacked out face. I've posted this before as a "Songs of Sunday" post, but a Twitter friend made me think of it again. Watch it a couple times, some trippy ish going on. haha! ;) peace

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Where to start? Was such a random day/week. I guess I'll start with my ditzy story.

This past Sunday I went and studied with friends at a friend's house. I decided to change study subjects after about an hour, and I switched to science. One of the assignments is to complete something called reflection paragraphs. Basically you are asked 10 questions about the content of the class, and how you developed tools to apply what you learned. It's kinds of the same question 10 times with different indicators, it's lame. I did the same reflection paragraphs last summer for my Ethics class. Then you grade yourself based on your answer, by giving yourself a score between 0-5. The assignment is worth 50 points, 10 questions. I got a C on my Ethic's assignmen. Think about it. I was honest and graded myself accordingly, I could have had an A had I given myself all 5's. LOL! I didn't pay attention to the instructions, GRADING MYSELF for some reason did not stick. OMG! The guys started rolling we when figured it out. On one answer I gave myself a 2 and my friend said if had given myself a 3 I would have got a B, and then we all started laughing harder. All this time I blamed my teacher, but no we did the math, the numbers I gave myself totaled the score I got for that assignment! I guess you had to be there, but we joked about it forever. They were going give me a crown with the word dorC on it, I am now known as the person who gave himself a C. I got an A overall in the class, but by .54%! What if I had given myself a 4 instead of a 5, a 3 instead of a 4? I would have sank my own A. I felt sick, and stupid! LOL so THIS time I gave myself all 5's on my Science assignment. SMH!! Totally a ditzy Leo thing to do, I don't pay attention.

I'm behind on studying for my certs, but HTT (Hot Tech Teach) likes me so I think he'll give me extra time to pass the school cert, and then I can schedule my actual Microsoft cert for Active Directory. I'm not worried, I have other classes to deal with, but that work is winding down, so I can focus more on cert studying.

So my slutty neighbor, fine that's judgmental...my "friendly" neighbor got her self another new roomie. Funny how she only rents to guys. Anyways, he has a very nice body, I saw him w/o his shirt one night when he went to get something from his car. So he knocked on my door today and asked if I would give him a jump. He had a joint behind one ear, and was wearing a Hustler tee-shirt. Really? Well I thought it was odd because his car is fairly new, but okay. His car started immediately, no lag or anything. Suspect. He also called me bro like 14 times. So yeah, there's your mental image. Was just kind of a weird situation, he introduced himself, but I forgot his name already...I want to say Gunn? Or Dunn? I dunno.

Still working out, but have yet to put on a pound, but I am getting up earlier, so that resolution is being met.

There is this guy at school I have noticed staring at me the last few weeks. I don't mean staring and looking away when I notice, but holding my gaze when I do. It's not a sexual stare, a mean stare, I can't decide what adjective to associate with it. He just looks at me as I walk by. Today he watched me walk all the way from another building, I could see him sitting in the lobby of the building, watching me. It was the building where I had my class, so when I got in the door I stared and back and he just held my gaze, no emotion that I could read, but he watched me walk across the lobby to the stairs.

I walked into classroom and my friend is the only one there (it's like 2 hours before class starts), and soon as I set up my laptop our other friend walks in. So we're catching up and sure enough, the guy who stares walks in the classroom and asks if we had a class right now. I said no, not until 6, so he sits at a computer in the row behind us. My friends and I start joking, and talking about class, and homework, and the Stare Guy kind of chuckles whenever I say something funny. My one friend keeps looking at him on the sly like "why are you listening to us? Much less laughing?". So Stare Guy is there about 10 mins, and then he leaves, but comes back like 2 minutes later asking if we had Lab Simms from year one we could give him, but he's staring at me while asking us. So I check to see if I have it on an old flash drive from last year, but I don't, and he says thanks I'll get it off one of the machines. We made chit chat for a bit, I asked what class he was in and how he was liking it, stuff like that. And then he was gone. Weird. Oh btw did I mention he is HOT!!! Way young tho, that's my only issue, but HOT!!

So that's my update, sorry for the long ramble, guess I should post more and not go 3 days at a time. :) Tomorrow I hit the gym, finish my paper, and start on my cert work. Next couple of weeks are going to be busy! Hope you all are well! ;) peace

p.s. For my new followers, a hodgepodge post is, obviously, a post of different random subjects, so therefore the pics that follow are kind of pics that wouldn't normally fit into a category that I normally post on...Hotness, Legs, It's All About the Eyes etc; or it could be a pic that could be posted in many different categories, I'll let you decide. :D


;) peace
p.s. Sorry I haven't updated all week, I will tonight after class, life is good though. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Songs of Sunday - Dive into the Pool

LOL, yes it's hecka gay, the guys are a bit campy, but I love the song and hey...the guys aren't that bad to look at! The song is Dive into the Pool by Barry Harris and Pepper Mashay. This was from the Queer as Folk series, have always loved this song. Oh and if you haven't guessed, Andrew Christian designs underwear. :) Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Madonna vs. Lady Gaga

Am I fan of Lady Gaga? Not really, but I do like her music...even though most of it sounds like Madonna's. I saw this clip tweeted today on Twitter and loved it!

Madonna on 20/20 regarding Lady Gaga

Now before you "kids" start yelling Gaga does so much for gay youth, yes she does. As did Madonna for my generation, and she didn't do it to make her career. So Lady Gaga is not a pioneer in that genre at all. I'm not saying Lady Gaga isn't creative, I'm just saying if it wasn't for Madonna, Lady Gaga may have been your server at IHOP.

So I'll let you decide, here are some videos of both their hits. I think Gaga's sounds like Madonna's.

Madonna - Express Yourself. This video is epic, compared to Born This Way, which pretty much just tries and proves Lady Gaga isn't a man.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way. Now this video wants you to think it's epic, but after the first 3mins you really want to tell her to STFU and sing. I do like the song though.

Madonna - La Isla Bonita.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Just saying.

;) peace

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's all about the Eyes.

So today, I was making a right turn and a very hot guy on a bike pulled up next to me. We smiled at each other, and he motioned for me to roll my window down, which I did. He then asked me what time it was, I told him and he smiled. He had the prettiest eyes! The muse for tonight's post. :)

Had a great time with the guys in class today, my guys consist of a white guy, an Asian, a Mexican and me...Native American. We are so racially offensive with each other! LOL it's great though, all in good fun. BTW I'm supposed to wake up with the sun, LOL ! My one friend has never been to Yosemite, I told him it's okay you're Mexican. Haha, he was like "what should be the level of me being offended?". LOL we all laughed. Friendship is awesome. We have a study group tomorrow, but I think the Asian friend really wants us to try this dance game he got for Kinect for Xbox. Nerds trying to dance, should be fun. Hope you all are enjoying your three day weekend. ;) peace

Friday, January 13, 2012

Men Montage

A video I put together awhile ago, it was my first one. I'll post some others I've done soon, or you can check out my YT channel. :) It was fun to make, but was time consuming. I have a folder full of pics (from this blog) that I have been saving to make another video. I haven't heard the right song yet, nor have I had the time! Anyways, enjoy. ;) peace

Rants and Rave

It's not my rant and rave, but his...I kinda like it though. I don't know who Rick Santorum is, but he doesn't sound like a cool person. ;) peace

Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone Men

Tonight was a good night in class, I love my guys, we just laugh, and there is no pretense, and no judging! Who knew being a nerd could be so cool? Haha! My next tech class is Exchange Server 2007, I'm very excited, the thing is...I'm not really sure why. Ha! I'm not really a Windows Server 2008 kinda guy I guess, those were my last 3 classes, but I will study for my certs though. Exchange 2007, yeah...looking forward to that.

My muse for tonight's iPhone Men post is a friend who got his iPhone 4G S, or something like that. I'm not a fan of Apple, so I had to boo, hiss him. Hehe, but all in good fun.

I hope you all are having a great week, and tomorrow is Friday for those of you who work (well I guess for all of us) . I'm going to work out tomorrow morning with my friend, then head to another friend's house to study, and do some Kinetic X-Box game where I gotta dubstep, lol, good times. ;) peace

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You know what? It seems I mostly post white guys on this blog, hmmm...they're not even my fave! Haha, they're like 4th on the list after Middle Eastern men, East Indian men, Japanese men, then white guys. Haha. So here are some Pakistani and Desi hotties!

Hope your week is going well, sorry for the gap in posting, finals this week. I think I got an A on my science final, I still have a paper due, that's another post. ;) peace

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Songs of Sunday - Here is We

Kind of a sweet song with a sweet video. Haha, okay it's sappy, but I like it! Too much "negative" music out there, something nice is a breath of fresh air at times.
Here is We - All about Us ft. Owl City.

Didn't get any studying done today, but that's okay, tomorrow is going to be all about that. My friend is coming over to work out in the morning, then we'll head to campus to work on our presentations, and study for our final tomorrow night.

Yesterday in class, OMG I never laughed so hard. Just the most random nerdy topics we covered. Haha, I love my guys, they have made my school experience so much better and honestly, one of the main reasons I've made it this far.

Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

How did u like footloose?

The second one? I haven't seen it yet. :/ I think it'll be good though, and I do plan on watching it. ;) peace

Ask me anything

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Probably the hottest trailer I've seen all year!! I want that BMW!!! Oh and the chick fighting was kinda hot. ;) peace


LOL! I hope this posts to Twitter correctly. Normally a "Quickie" post is just the title Quickie and ";) peace", well one time the service that posts my blog to Twitter for me, forgot the link to my blog and just posted the title and ;) peace. LMAO! I got a lot of interesting replies. Hope you are all well. ;) peace

Friday, January 6, 2012


So I started working out today. Was okay, I didn't get that euphoric feeling that some people seem to get when they work out. I just kept thinking it's way too early, and I'm starving!! Haha! My friend is working out with me, he gets access to a free gym (we have a fully equipped gym onsite where I live) and I have a workout partner and that motivates me to get up and do it. So I'll probably be sore tomorrow, but that's okay. My goal is to put on 10lbs this year, so I must do it.

Not much going on school wise, I have a final on Monday (studying for it now with my friend, we on a study break) and a presentation due. I'll prob work on the presentation tomorrow at school. Should be nice and quiet when everyone leaves after class is over.

Hottie called me the other day just to chat, that's so unlike him I was taken aback, but it was a nice visit.

Hope you all have a good weekend! I will be hitting the books. ;) peace

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Turn Around

No particular muse for the turn around post, other than that tonight at Barnes & Noble, a hot guy smiled at me, and I smiled back...and WANTED to turn around, but I didn't. Haha, okay maybe that's my muse. :)

Life is good, school started back up this week I gotta catch up on some homework, but other than that, no changes. Talked to Hottie today, he called just to chat, he never does that, so that kind of threw me off. We are going to meet on Thursday before class to catch up. Was a good convo today though, he didn't annoy me too much. :)
Enjoy! ;) peace