Thursday, June 30, 2011


I like the curly haired guy with red shoes! He has swag, which to me translates as confidence! Contrary to my blog, I'm not about looks, but more about attitude. He was great on So You Think You Can Dance!

Today was good, had a study group, and we got all of our assignments and labs done! Was nice spending the day with the guys. Plus, it was nice getting different views on our case studies. I have class tomorrow night, I need to read a chapter before then, but I'll do that tomorrow 'cause I'm getting to campus early.

I felt so bad we didn't invite MG to lunch today! He even texted me about it, his wife usually drops him off, and I wasn't sure if were coming back to campus! We ended up moving the study group to Panera after lunch. I texted him that I felt bad though. :(

Enjoy Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ;peace

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Because

Nicki is cute and has a hot body! Of course I'm gonna post something with a hot guy in it! LOL Take a moment, enjoy the eyecandy and a cute short film. ;) peace

Things that Make Me Laugh

He's actually quite good! He followed me on Twitter that's how I found this video. Check him out on YT! ;) peace

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Songs of Sunday

This goes out to my tweep @skd3121 on Twitter. It sucks right now, but he'll get there. Hugz to him! Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So today was my first Saturday class, and I will admit I hated getting up early on a Saturday! I got to class thinking I was late, someone was sitting in my seat (was the ONE and only female in our class, so couldn't really say anything), and the teacher ended up being late! Class is supposed to be 8:40-4:00, but he let us out at 12:30 and I didn't learn squat! *sigh* So I stayed with a friend after class was let out and studied, and worked on homework.

Matt started my morning out by saying "what do you think of that Leo?" and he points at this huge bug under his desk, which he then squashes with his motorcycle boots! Yeah, Matt brought his motorcycle to school today, it's huge! It like, comes up to my chest! Matt is tall though, so it works for him. And the bug thing kind of traumatized me, because before I could say "lets take it outside" it was liquid under his boot. *sigh*

So Eyre is out of town this weekend and has no cell service. I always get a little anxious when she is in technology isolation, but I'm glad she is having a good time out "in the wild". :) I so wouldn't camp with her, because she'd put bugs on my pillow just to hear me say Ew! :)

My roomie has been gone most of the day, so that's been cool. Got to use the A/C and enjoying the quiet. He leaves on Thursday for like 4 days! I like him and all, but it will be nice for some alone time!

So yeah, today has just been a kind of weird day. A good one though. Supposed to hook up with Howard tomorrow and study.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Enjoy! ;) peace

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's all about the Eyes.

So far 2nd year is going great in school! I sit next to Matt in both classes, and it's nice to be back with the guys again. Also, my teachers rock, laid back and chill!

So Matt already inspired a post of "It's all about the Eyes", and tonight he does again. He does this "crazy eye" thing and it drives me crazy 'cause I don't know if he's nuts or mad! ha! He kept doing that tonight in class, and I kept telling him to stop, so he did it more. (If I was on Twitter #smh), so here is an Eyes post for you all. Enjoy! ;) peace

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It was hot AF today! I like the AF, learned it from Twitter, I actually don't have to curse, it's implied.

My first class of my second year went well. Virtual computing. Hot Tech Teach was my instructor, of course he had to say something about me 30 seconds into the class! The guys from my class know this, but the other guys in the class gave me strange looks. Oh well, it's only 6 weeks.

Seating arrangements were ideal. Matt sits next to me and Howard and Jesse sit across from me with Neal in the middle. Neal has a Texas accent, love accents.

Didn't understand everything, but I'm optimistic I'll get it.

So since it was hot, we going with Hotness on this post! Enjoy! ;) peace

I adore him!

Random, but it's true. :) Nick Young from So You Think You Can Dance!! ;) peace

Monday, June 20, 2011


I need to move, it's 85 degrees in this place, and my roomie won't touch the AC! Until then, I'm gonna use the gym on site, and work on my abs. Well that, and everything else. Might as well it's free.

Tomorrow is the first night of my new classes of my second year. Looking forward to it! Hope everyone had a great Monday. ;) peace

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Songs of Sunday

Had the best weekend to end my first year of school! Yesterday I did San Francisco with my cuz, and today went to a powwow with my other tehansi (cousin). I start second year on Tuesday night, sooo looking forward to it. I have school on Saturdays for the next year, so yesterday made it that more special for me.

Couldn't ask for a better weekend. So tomorrow brings a new day, and I had to use one of my favorite songs and vids, Start of Something Good with the vid by JJ he does such a good job!

Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

BW Pics

So I start 2nd year this coming week. So happy to get to the "meat" of IT. It's all about networking, and active directories, and more! The only downside is I have to go a full day on Saturdays! For a year!

So um, today was my last "free" Saturday, and I spent it with my cuz in San Francisco! I had so much fun. We saw a couple of movies (Ryan Reynolds half naked in the Green Lantern, so worth the ticket price!), we also saw Bridesmaids. I laughed so hard! I recommend both, well for different reasons, but both are good movies. Had a great lunch and dinner, and just enjoyed being away from Sacramento. No homework, no studying, just free time.

The weather in SF was great, overcast and cool. Loved it! So, that's my inspiration for BW Pics. Oh, and also, a certain follower on Twitter kept bugging me to blog. ha! I always have a muse. Hope everyone had a great weekend! ;) peace

Friday, June 17, 2011


Like I shared with my Tweeps on Twitter!
What a week! In a nutshell, I was in danger of not passing my math class, this in turn would have prevented me from moving on to 2nd year with the guys. Putting me off until October to start 2nd year! I had to pass my final tonight. Not only did I pass it, I got a a 98%!! ME?! An A, on a math test?! Never! I seriously do not think I've ever got an A on a math test. So I am extremely relieved, and a bit emotional. There's a lot behind passing my first year. I'm not good at committing to things, which is why I have credits from like 4 different colleges, and have lived in MOST of the Western states this side of the Mississippi river. So to buckle down, and actually complete my first year with an impressive GPA, wow. I'm a bit proud of me.

Thanks to all who have given me such support. I appreciate the "you're smart, Leo" comments, but uh, I don't know. I struggled! lol Now I can show ya how to hustle on the street and turn .50 cents into a dollar, but academic smarts? I'm not sure, street smarts yeah. In any case, first year is over, I'm exhausted from being so tense this week, and not to mention today. I studied for like 5 hours today! Paid off though. So it's time for Beautiful, you normally would get Joseph Sayers on such a milestone event, but I'm too tired to Google any recent pics. :) Oh, and I want to leave you with how I lost 2 points. y= .5 + 2.55 SHOULD HAVE read y= .5x + 2.55 LOL! Isn't that B.S.? I wanted to argue, but uh, I kept my mouth shut, and was just grateful I passed!

Oh to make the ending of my first year even better, I'm spending it with my cuz in S.F. tomorrow! woot woot! Enjoy! ;) peace

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's all about the Eyes.

Finished my last day class this morning! Woo hoo! No more waking up early! Well, at least until I find a job. Last night was 2nd year orientation, and I must say I feel a bit overwhelmed by the tech courses we will be taking! It's going to be rigorous to say the least! I'm looking forward to it though.

Of the 19 guys in my first tech class, only 7 of us made it to the second year. Of the 12 guys in MY class (started when I did) only 4 of us have moved on to 2nd year. Kinda weird. Although my tech teach in my first class (HTT, Hot Tech Teach) did say that as the year went on the class size will dwindle, and it certainly did. It is going to feel weird not being at school during the day. The 2nd year of your program is only at night, this way you can work in your field during the day and apply what you learn from your night classes. I'll also have to go on Saturdays, ugh! 2 nights a week and Saturdays!

So for now I'll be leaving behind Hottie, Pierced, SJ, and others who have been a part of my TL on Twitter for almost a year now. I'll see them when they get to their 2nd year though.

Today Matt and I gave our final presentation, so glad to be done with that class! His eyes are the inspiration for my post! Matt has gorgeous yes! ha! And no, I don' think of Matt like that, he's a sweetie though. Enjoy your Thursday! I'm going to veg a bit, and then head back to campus to meet with Career Services. ;) peace

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At the Movies

This looks hilarious!!

Bad Teacher -Cameron Diaz

Definitely going to see this, heck the trailer alone made me tear up!
A Better Life -Demian Bichir

Not sure what this is about, but visually it's stunning!
The Tree of Life -Brad Pitt, Sean Penn

Okay off to campus to meet with Matt about our final presentation. I also need to hit up a Math lab! ;) peace


So today was my first day, of my last week, of my first year in school. I'm a little nervous about my math class! If I don't pass, I don't move on. I think it will work out though, and I'm an A student in my other classes!

So one of the hotties in my first period has a tattoo on the side of his hand that says Blessed. I kinda like that. It's not ostentatious or anything, but it obviously means something to him.

So, today's blog is all about Tats! Enjoy! ;) peace

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Songs of Sunday

Men's Fancy, Sneak Up dance. This is my last week of school! Well for 1st year anyways! Hope you all have a great week! ;) peace

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ask me anything

iPhone men

So, I have a lot going on. Next week is my last week of school for my first year, I need to get a car, and a job. What am I thinking about? A new cell phone! I love my BlackBerry, but I'm thinking of getting an Android phone. I really need to work on priorities! Ha, I sure as heck know I won't be getting one of these! Although, the men are hot! Hope everyone has a good Friday! ;) peace

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Voice

My current addiction. The Voice on NBC is da bizness! This week starts off the live shows. I'm not sure if I'm Team Blake or Team Xtina, they both have some amazing talent on their teams! ;) peace

Did not know Blake could those notes!! Sexy!

Still one of my favorite female collaborations and Team Xtina did a great job with it

Monday, June 6, 2011

Songs of Sunday

No particular reason why I picked this song, only that I like it. Backseat, by the New Boyz, ft.The Cataracs and Dev. Had a great weekend, school tomorrow, but I'm ready with my presentation. Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So sleepy, my long day at school, but I had to post this. Geronimo wasn't Bin Laden. He was much more than a code name. He was Respect. Waste Yelo. ;) peace

Today's Weather...

...was a mix of everything! We had sun, rain, sleet, and hail! Even some funnel cloud sightings! Mother Nature def had some jokes today. So, you get a bit of everything also.

Was a great day at school, all the guys this morning said my presentation was best and theirs sucked, lol, I disagreed. HNM didn't show up for class tonight, but I did find out I have the second highest grade in my night class! I'm only trailing by two points! I'm on it! ;) peace