Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gay Teen Suicide

It will get better.
So if you're a regular reader you know the gay mafia is always on the brink of taking my gay card! I'm not a part of the gay community, have no gay friends, I have had gay men tell me I'm "less than" because I like sports and cars and not shopping and theater, so yeah. Not a big fan of gay people. I'm not a self hater, I'm out, loud and proud and don't deny who I am, to anyone. So based on that you rarely see gay rights posts by me or actually, other than hot guys, anything gay related.

Well there is one thing that touches me amongst gay people, gay teen suicide. I had it easy coming out so I don't get it. I don't get how you could end your life, because people don't like you. It really touches me, especially the Matthew Shepard story, man, that gets me so angry. Well of course, I didn't know there were 4 highly publicized gay suicides last month, I knew of one but I guess there were a few more. Probably more than that, that didn't make the news, so I dunno I just felt I had to blog about it. I think most of my readers are straight women, lol! So cool with that, but if I perchance have any gay young readers and you are thinking of suicide, I fucking dare you to email me and tell me how you feel. Yeah I said it, I dare you, because you are not alone and suicide ends nothing but the happiness you will eventually feel for being who you are! You are not the weak one, you are not the weird one, you are not the one who "doesn't fit", you are who you are supposed to be. It's all of those people who are ignorant and haters who have the issues, you know who you are, do you really think YOU have the issues? lolz you don't. Think about it, you are the one who has their shit together. Take that to heart. I'm gonna leave you with a video by a dude who is pretty cool, he's a talented artist (he's hot) he makes sense in this YouTube vid and listen to him, he's talking the truth. It does get better! And whether you do the whole gay lifestyle and do gay pride and gay bars and gay friends, or, just prefer to be out, loud and proud and play sports and work on your 66 mustang, either are okay and accepted. Gay doesn't have to be what you see on TV, I don't fit into that and I think I've been doing fine, for a long time! Enjoy Angelo's video he's a cool dude and he has a great singing voice, do a search on Twitter! ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BW Pics

I don't think Stoner Joshua is going to make it through our tech class. He's frustrated and he keeps saying he doesn't like it and I think he was actually kinda high today. I know, how can you be kinda high? I'm tired. lolz. Okay so Hottie is striking out with Jess and I feel like I'm just caught up in so much drama, not bad drama, but life. Remember (regular readers) it's been just me and a hotel room for the past two years, cutting friends out of my life. Meeting new people and social interaction is new to me.
Loving school though and all that comes with it. Still hot but hoping we get some cloudy skies soon, hell it's almost October!! ;) peace

Got Damn!

Quick post before I head to the library, study time! ;) peace

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today's Weather

Was hot! ugh! Okay Mother Nature, I'm ready for fall! School is still going great, Stoner Joshua and I switched out our 4th period and are taking that class on Friday nights instead. That way we don't have such a big break on Thursday's between classes (1st and 4th). Hottie is not really making any progress with Jessica so I'm going to try and help him out. Girls are easy to talk to if you're gay because they are no threat and there is no nervousness on your part. I'm actually beginning to think of her as a little sister, she's that sweet. Here is some hotness for ya! ;) peace

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Songs of Sunday

I'm so tired! Played golf with my cousin today and we played until we couldn't see the ball! LOL! It was hot as hell though, so I'm tired, sticky and in need of a shower. So I needed a comforting song this evening. Madonna's Express Yourself. I like Lady Gaga's music and think she's doing a great thing for gay rights, but come on now, Mo was there back in the day for gays and helped us get an even bigger voice. Oh and while I agree Gaga should have won the VMA for Best Video of the Year for Bad Romance, Madonna's vids were EPIC! Back in the day! Shower time. ;) peace

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So a Twitter friend and I are thinking of calling my "saga" at school Leo's Anatomy! LOL. With the usual characters, Hottie, Hot New Guy, Stoner Joshua, Jessica and a few others I'll introduce as the days go by. I think it'll be a good de-stresser to tweet this stuff. So please follow me on Twitter (WonderfulLeo) and of course I'll post updates here, but probably won't be in as much detail. Hottie text me last night wondering if Jessica will even talk to him (hello you're hot) I said of course she will. He will need some fine tuning by me but I think I can hook them up. I almost came out to him last night, but he wasn't getting it. ugh! Hello, everyone knows the way to a girls phone number is through their gay friend! Oh wait, that means I need to come out to Jess huh? Hmmm...shall be interesting. No, this will not affect my school work. LOL Just a fun past time on the side. Although if you see me posting B's, tell me to stop! LOL
Enjoy! ;) peace

A message from Lady Gaga to the Senate Sept 16 2010

First I'm thinking, wow, good message. Then I'm thinking, with Lady Gaga's fame, she could really make a difference. Then I thought, I have the same phone as Lady Gaga, I should be thrilled...right? ;) peace

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I went and sat in on the English night class, it went well. The instructor was funny and the class, well, they all looked at me like we did when Hot New Guy started, like what the hell are you doing here? My current Prof lectures and does hand outs, this night Prof used the book. I got it, they're a few chapters behind us but I still got it because of him using the book. Because my Prof lectures, I always take notes and sometimes you can lose stuff in the meaning of your notes or you didn't hear everything they said. So I feel I'm going to be okay if I start using my book more. I'm staying with my morning class and my peeps. This means I can be a zombie in class but it's up to me utilize my book on my time. So, more self involvement on my part, which I'm totally okay with. Also, no hot guys at all! Like not even cute! LOL but that's not the reason! Enjoy! ;) peace

30 (ish) Seconds of Bliss

Getting ready to go check out the English night class and see if it's for me or not. This is Mark Dalton, I guess he's a porn star but I just saw a pic of him on Colton Ford's Youtube channel so I clicked the vid. ;) peace

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So my friend, like myself, is really into tech stuff. I follow him on Twitter, we text, he's cool peeps. He has a YouTube channel please check it out! He's also a hottie, you know if I post anything regarding men on my blog, they have to be hot! LOL My fave vid is this one, I had the Palm Pre and didn't know how to get the virtual keyboard and I YouTubed it and his vid came up. So this is the first video I saw of his, there will be more on my blog. Was helpful but I didn't get the virtual keyboard this way, found it another way. I just thought he sounded hot so I followed him. :) He has some great tech vids though, check them out. I actually just texted him now and said he never answered my comment! LOL I'm sure he will now though. He's very personable and does great at answering comments now. Enjoy! ;) peace

It's all about the Eyes

So tomorrow are finals! I'm ready for them! Oh found out Hottie is a Druggie! Talking about being coked up before and trippin and I'm like wow. Just goes to show don't judge a book by it's cover. Tomorrow I'm going to sit in on my possible night English class. I hope it goes well. Final paper is done and and final project is almost done, looking forward to next term when we start the tech classes, which is next week! Life is Wonderful. ;) peace


Philadelphia newspaper's controversial Vick headline: 'TOP DOG' - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Re-post dork

Took this vid some months ago. I am such a dork but it meant a lot to me. A 1999 Grand AM hitting 200k miles! MY car is my best friend! OH and that is Strawberry Switchblade in the background, when I pulled over. ;) peace

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BW Pics

So it's finals week for this term at school and I can't believe I have perfect attendance AND an A average, thank you very much. Here is the thing, English continues next term but I find I'm struggling because it's first period and I'm NOT a morning person and I find myself just sitting there in a daze staring at my prof and taking notes but not absorbing anything. I got a B on both tests, I'll still get an A because of full points on homework and some other stuff but what if I start pulling C's? So I was thinking of switching to a night class where I'd be more alert, the only thing is that it's 3 1/2 hours twice a week. So pros and cons.
Pros: I've taken night classes before and did better than ANY morning class I've ever had. Two nights as opposed to 3 days a week. I feel like I would have a better chance pulling an A. No sitting next to Hot New Guy. Maybe use my mornings for gym time since I have only been once! More adults? I have a lot of kids in my morning class and they are loud. The night classes would be full of people who are working, not sure why that is a pro but it seems like it would be.
Cons: No Stoner Joshua, lol, he's cool peeps BUT I'd have him in my other 3 classes of the day. It's 3 1/2 hours, twice a week. No Mrs. Miller, she's a hoot and a very good instructor. The night people won't be the class I started with.

Looks like it's pointing toward a good thing. I'm going to sit in on Thursday's night class and see it how goes.

Until then, enjoy these wonderful distractions! ;) peace

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Songs of Sunday

Couldn't really find a song I wanted to post, so I thought a Fancy Shawl song would work. There are two styles of fancy, traditional and modern (traditional is actually a category too but much slower, I'm talking fancy traditional and modern) my sis, could have smoked these girls! ;) peace

Saturday, September 18, 2010

iPhone Men

I'm looking into a new phone, I love my BlackBerry Tour, it does everything I want but with all this "Android" chatter I'm wondering if I'm missing something? I would love the BlackBerry Torch and hope it comes to Sprint soon. Definitely not an iPhone guy, but definitely think iPhone men are hot! ;) peace

YouTube-Irish Hand Dancers

This is kind of cool, Irish Hand Dancing featuring Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding. Peter is a hottie, you know there has to be attractive men associated with anything I put on my blog! Or a hot car. ;) I see a new fad starting here and that is some amazing choreography! ;) peace

Friday, September 17, 2010


JJ is amazing.The video actually made me kind of cry. I have been both characters in this movie, needing to be loved and having to love someone who needs to be loved. A great intro and a great ending with the editing and the song selection. I am in awe of his work. Please check him out. You will be pleasantly surprised. I kind of want to say this is my new favorite video of his but I would feel like I'm cheating on this one! lol which is still great...but...not so sure anymore. ;) peace

Ask me something:

Today's Weather...

...was gorgeous! You can still feel summer but there is a Tease of fall in the air! ;) peace

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm kinda of nervous, what if people at school find my blog? Should I be using real names? I'm not necessarily saying anything bad? Hmm...oh well, f*ck it, it's my blog and I normally say nice stuff. I'm gonna be with this same group of people for the next couple years, so I know I'll have plenty to say. Well Hot New Guy, I think was cheating off me this morning while we were taking our test. I don't see how he could be so hot but so "greasy", that would be the vibe I get from him and it's not just me the girl on the other side of him feels the same way.

Oh found out I'll have Stoner Joshua in ALL my classes next term! woot woot! Stoner Josh is this guy who is so mellow, sometimes I want to poke him to see if he's breathing! lol he's the EXACT opposite of me and therefore, he calms me. We work well together on our studies and he's usually always at my side between classes. So when he's not there I feel a bit lost.

So I have a hot guy in like 3 classes and I know when I started I mentioned there was lack of eye candy but this dude has really grown on me. His voice, his lips, his mannerism=hot to me. Well my car's alternator died today while I was at lunch so I drove to the shop and left it and walked to school. When I get there I tell Hot Guy what happened and him being him, freaked and said let me give you my number in case something like this happens again. Sweet huh? So I now have his number and we've been texting and I'm behaving! lol ;)

Oh I saw my prof for our tech class next term! OMG! He's hot as hell! I am going to need to learn to focus in that class, that's for sure! So there's just a bit of what's going on with me and my Wonderful Life. ;) peace